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A New History of Ware: its people and buildings

David Perman

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David Perman’s New History of Ware: its People and its Buildings has been long awaited from this well-known local historian.

It tells the story of this small Hertfordshire town from the Middle Stone Age, through the Iron Age and the Roman town which grew up where Ermine Street crossed the River Lea, to the Saxon and Medieval towns and into the present.

Particular jewels in Ware's history shine out - the reign of Richard II and his mother, Joan of Kent; the Tudor inns which lined one side of the High Street and the Great Bed of Ware, located in more than one of them; the malting industry, which saw Ware Brown Malt having its own price on the London market; the gossips, characters and disputes of the Victorian town; and the modern industries in pharmaceuticals and rail engineering.

It is a new history, because never before has the story of Ware been told in a proper narrative, using archaeological research, ancient documents and the study of timber-framed buildings.